Over the course of nearly 15 years in public relations, Madeleine Fawcett and Meredith Winfrey have forged a reputation as stewards of the most vanguard beauty brands in the natural and non-toxic space. They’ve achieved this by seeking out and cultivating brands whose principles match their own: authenticity, transparency, innovation, a strong aesthetic, and a singular point of view. A connection to a founder’s vision and an enthusiastic belief in their products are what fuel their ability to be able to tell a brand’s story in the most natural and compelling way. That they are the only two chief publicists at their Brooklyn-based firm, Project MM, means that they bring a seasoned expertise and undivided attention to detail to each account they represent. It also means that the work they do is that much more of a personal endeavor, and that accountability has helped them build more meaningful relationships with their brands.

The pursuit of valuable press—not simply any press—is what drives the work they do for their clients. Madeleine and Meredith take a strategic, wide-angle approach to pitching: crafting bespoke ideas that aren’t simply about highlighting individual products, but rather how those products are part of a larger story and can serve as the tipping point for broader conversations. They do that by remaining unwaveringly keyed into the interests of the beauty-buying public and by staying in constant communication with media thought leaders. The long-standing relationships they have established with notable beauty editors and writers are synergistic: they have come to trust that the brands and stories Madeleine and Meredith bring them are always of a certain caliber. As modern media, and, more generally, how we find and consume information, continues to evolve, they also believe it’s part of our job to stay firmly ahead of the curve in service of their brands. M+M constantly strive to pioneer in the print and digital space and beyond. The rapport they foster with their brands is highly collaborative, thoughtful, and, most importantly, candid; they both welcome and provide honest feedback. At Project MM, M+M believe that increasing consumer awareness and propelling retail growth for a brand is best achieved with a publicity style that is personal and progressive.



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